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Matthew Kobetitsch
Client Manager,
Employee Benefits

Fast Facts

I was very nervous—21 years old, no experience at all. Luckily for me everyone was (and still are) very nice, helpful, funny, etc. My nerves went away rather quickly.

My best day at Schauer Group was when I took over enrollments, terminations, and changes for the Employee Benefits Team, I finally found something I really enjoyed doing. All parts have been great, but that specifically was what I really loved.

The subject of insurance was pretty foggy to me, so as I started to understand more about P&C, Life and Health, I discovered my love for helping others learn and understand from the ground up as I did.  

I would definitely go forward, let’s say 500 years from today, to 2522. I need to see everything that’s going on: cars, food, housing, clothing, music, if Tom Brady is still dominating the NFL, etc.

The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. It’s about success trends, such as when the majority of hockey players in the NHL were born, the 10,000 hour rule, and much more. A must read if you have not!