Alfred T. Schauer founded Schauer & Reed Insurance Agency in 1919, providing personal, business and life insurance in Canton, Ohio. Alfred built a successful business and was never hindered by his blindness. In fact, he thought of it as an asset, saying it allowed him to see with his intuition. After his untimely death in 1945, his wife, Marie A. Schauer, managed the business while her only son, Tom, attended college.

After earning his insurance degree from The Ohio State University, Thomas A. Schauer began his career at Schauer Group in 1950. In 1953, Thomas bought the business from his mother and quickly expanded the two-person agency into one of the largest agencies in Canton.  He knew that to be successful, he would have to be savvier and more knowledgeable than the competition.  Thomas also believed that the formula for success and longevity was integrity and commitment to clients and the community.

Tom’s sons, David and Bill, have grown Schauer Group into one of the largest independent insurance agencies in Ohio.  Throughout, they have remained true to the core values of advancement, integrity, independence and community commitment. With a new team of young professionals, including the fourth generation of the Schauer family, David and Bill continue to build on long-held principles and lead this nearly 100-year-old company forward.