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Human Capital Services

Human Capital Services Talent Attraction & RetentionThe latest strategic addition to Schauer Group’s extensive offering of risk management solutions is human capital services. Designed directly from the dynamic needs of our clients, we have adapted our strategic risk management process to assist you with outsourcing key HR functions.


Our human capital services division offers a unique suite of key HR functions and strategies for ongoing talent acquisition and retention needs. By outsourcing some of your human resources procedures and tasks to Schauer Group, you are freeing up your HR team to handle day-to-day management and implement overarching strategies for your company.


Our approach begins with a customized Human Capital Discovery Session we conduct with your existing human resources team and other members of leadership. This Human Capital Discovery Session arms Schauer’s human capital services team with important insights about your organization and its workforce and talent needs.


From this initial discovery phase, we leverage the insights gleaned to design a comprehensive and customized human capital services program tailored to all things HR at your operation.


As a result of this process, your business will be able to anticipate talent issues, fill hard to source gaps in capabilities, and integrate systems to sustain the inconstant and ever-changing needs of your business now and into the future.


Human Capital Services Solutions


Talent Recruiting & Sourcing Services: The Schauer team helps your team identify gaps in existing talent as well as future threats in order to attract and retain employees.


Job Descriptions: We will help you craft accurate and engaging job descriptions to ensure that recruitment efforts are fruitful in targeting and attracting the right fit for your organization in a given role.


Culture Design & Improvement: Culture is the cornerstone of your organization and as such it requires strategic management and development. Our team will help you determine the nature of your existing corporate culture and craft a detailed action plan to evolve and improve it in order to increase employee satisfaction and maximize your return.


Employee Benefits: Our process is focused on long-term cost control—not just plan design and product shopping. Following our Employee Benefits Analysis Process, we can guide you to a host of solutions to help support your employee benefits strategies, allowing you to focus more time on attraction, retention and safety.


Benefits Administration: We can enhance your employee benefit process by being an extension of your HR team. We will manage benefit orientations for new hires, provide employee communication materials, facilitate enrollments and terminations, conduct invoice reviews, integrate with your benefit administration platform and ensure compliance with government guidelines.