The Nation's First ISO Registered Independent Insurance Agency


Risk Consulting

When your business needs independent analysis that you can trust, but you wish to maintain your current insurance relationships, Schauer Group can provide you with a thorough and objective risk review.

Risk Management

Some agencies sell insurance on price alone, turning a vital risk management process into a commodity. At Schauer Group, we don’t just sell policies; we immerse ourselves in our clients’ businesses to proactively reveal risks and protect their assets. Businesses with or without a full-time risk management team engage Schauer Group for risk management expertise throughout the U.S. We can act as an outsourced risk management department for your team.


Schauer Group can measure the performance of your existing risk management program to industry or historical benchmarks within your company. This process can be quite complex, but the ultimate outcome—and the interpretation of the results—can help you identify cost savings, unearth risk exposures you weren’t currently aware of, and guide you toward new techniques that may become vital to your business.


At Schauer Group, we offer scheduled stewardship reviews so that our clients can trust that we are accountable to our word.

Certificate Management

Schauer will meticulously handle the certificate management and tracking for your business liability insurance, helping you maintain documentation related to your suppliers insurance.

Subcontractor Management

At Schauer Group, we can assist with managing your subcontractors, including standardizing your management process, evaluating qualifications, developing certain subcontractor agreements and overseeing compliance.

M&A Due Diligence

Schauer group can help you uncover risks associated with a merger & acquisition deal, saving time and money, and helping to protect you from unique exposures associated with the merger & acquisition.


Schauer can help you design coverage specifications and identify qualifying insurance companies and brokers.