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The U.S. Department of Labor released a final rule revising the agency’s guidance on how to analyze who is an employee or independent contractor under the Fair Labor Standards Act.
Open enrollment and renewal season is a great time to share tips with your employees about how to save money on health care services and prescriptions. Here are some recommendations from the Schauer Group employee benefits team.
If you’re an employer struggling to contain prescription costs, Schauer Group can help. Here are some recommendations from our employee benefits experts about how to combat increased pharmacy prices.
Download and use this checklist as a guide when reviewing your company’s compliance with COBRA.
Mistakes in employee benefits and human resources can be quite costly to employers—in the form of extra benefits, complaints, lawsuits, government-assessed fines and penalties, and attorney fees, to name a few. Don’t learn the hard way what these mistakes are.
Navigating the health care claim process can be challenging for employees, and delayed claim payments and denied claims make it even harder for employees to manage their health care.
Schauer Group recommends increasing employee use of generic medication. It may be one of the most effective ways to make an immediate impact in your budget.
Discussing unemployment benefits can often ease the tension when discussing a temporary furlough with an employee.