Risk Management Analysis

Schauer Group’s risk management process is an innovative approach to traditional insurance procurement, designed to uncover exposures from day-to-day business operations. Each resulting risk management program is tailored to individual client need.circle_graphic

Schauer Group takes a “total cost of risk” approach, aggregating techniques of risk control and risk financing to improve a client’s overall risk profile.

Risk Control Techniques

  • Avoidance
  • Loss Prevention
  • Loss Reduction
  • Separation
  • Duplication
  • Diversification

Risk Financing Techniques

  • Risk Transfer
  • Insurance Transfer
  • Non-Insurance Transfer
  • Retention


Schauer Group works with your management team to interpret your business, measure risk, and implement strategies to reduce risk profile and increase risk management efficiencies.  This approach provides a comprehensive view of factors, beyond only insurance coverage, that manage risk.

Clients with or without a full-time risk management team engage Schauer Group for this service. We can act as an outsourced risk management department.

Our Services

  • Customizable on-site/off-site service options
  • Exposure analysis
  • Insurance placement
  • Management of self-insured retentions/retained risks
  • Claims management
    • Manage first party claims
    • Coordinate/audit TPA Services
    • Alternative risk financing strategies
    • Insurance policy services
    • Internal management reports and presentations

Enterprise Risk Management

A specialized field within risk management services is enterprise risk management. It assists companies in managing the risks that may elude easy measurements or be more difficult to contextualize. These include risks such as reputation, legal and human resources management, supply chain, financial and other controls.