Employee Benefits

A Schauer Group employee benefits client is focused on controlling costs – not just plan design and product shopping. With our benefit analysis process, the objective is to identify the goals of the organization and wrap services and products around those goals:circle_graphic_emp

Step 1 – Identify Organizational Goals

Survey employees, review benefit design, conduct a cost/benefit analysis, analyze claims and provider network, strategize ancillary benefits.

Step 2 – Analysis and Strategy Development

Understanding the root cause of plan costs and controlling costs using real client data.

Step 3 – Implement Strategies

Putting the chosen plan into action.

Step 4 – Monitor Plan and Manage

Periodically checking that the plan is performing as expected; making adjustments as needed to maximize results.


We provide employee support before, during and after plan implementation. A Schauer team member sits with employees during enrollment to walk them through it.  We are there if the time comes to describe any changes to your plan.

Our Services

  • Plan Design & Implementation
    • Benefit Review
    • Network Analysis
    • Participation Review
  • Cost Control
    • Claim Analytics
    • Wellness
    • Plan Utilization Measurement
  • Employee Support
    • Enrollment
    • Claim Advocates
  • Insurance Market Access