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The Schauer GroupAbout Us

We are insurance and risk management professionals who saw a better way. We get to know our clients and their risks, design a service plan to address a changing risk environment throughout the year – not simply at renewal, and match our clients with top-rated insurance companies to support our client’s strategies. At Schauer Group our product is our service.


The Schauer GroupSchauer History

Alfred T. Schauer founded Schauer & Reed Insurance Agency in 1919, providing personal, business and life insurance in Canton, Ohio. Alfred built a successful business and was never hindered by his blindness. In fact, he thought of it as an asset, saying it allowed him to see with his intuition. After his untimely death in 1945, his wife, Marie A. Schauer, managed the business while her only son, Tom, attended college.


The Schauer GroupThe Schauer Advisors

Todd E. Adams
Timothy J. Bentivegna
Sue Brandt
Peter L. Butler
Roger Hayashi
Timothy B. Hudec
William J. Koch
Patrick J. Mackie
Jamie J. Messenic
Heather B. Nau
Ronald S. Repp
Daniel R. Reusser
Bryan D. Schauer
David T. Schauer
Joseph D. Schauer
Taylor D. Schauer
William T. Schauer
Diane Schultz
Ron Van Horn


The Schauer GroupThe Educated Choice

At Schauer Group, we believe that education is the foundation for success. For us to provide the insight that our clients demand, we must maintain a deeper understanding of insurance and risk management than our competitors.

This respect for advanced industry education started with Thomas Schauer and carries through our corporate culture today. The base level of education we require sets us apart from our competitors and supports our culture of client retention. All of our associates are required to obtain advanced education in business and/or insurance.