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More than 40% of the country’s construction workforce is expected to retire in the next decade.
As an employer, safety is your responsibility, and it’s important to identify workplace hazards and instill safe employee habits to ensure corrections remain permanent.
The COVID-19 pandemic tipped off supply chain issues that may take years to reconcile. Now, employers are left wondering how they might be able to stay afloat amid unprecedented market uncertainty.
Employers across the country are facing a pronounced issue right now: too many open positions and not enough workers. Why are individuals slow to return to work despite available positions and how can employers attract some of these workers?
Capitalizing on the trend to build green can quickly turn your profit margin from black to red if you don’t have a clear understanding of your additional contract exposures.
Employers can benefit from Return-to-Work programs by retaining skilled employees, reducing short- and long-term disability claims, and obtaining a lower workers’ compensation experience modification factor—positively affecting their premium costs and ability to gain new work.
Schauer Group suggests project owners and general contractors turn to a wrap-up insurance program for construction projects to manage their risks.
Schauer Group has compiled these tips for coming out of the economic downturn to keep your business prospering well into the next economic cycle.