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Manage AI risks through guidelines, education

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By 2027, it’s expected that 75 percent of all workers will be using “shadow IT” –  or software they have downloaded without permission –  making it difficult for companies to protect against data security risks, according to a recent article from Risk Management.

Emerging artificial intelligence technologies pose similar risks to “shadow IT,” and they also introduce the potential for the leakage of proprietary information. Not only is this data challenging to retrieve once it’s been entered into an AI tool, but the release of such information can lead to the violation of privacy or intellectual property laws – creating additional risks for businesses.

The Risk Management article highlights several best practices that can help keep companies protected:

  • If your company plans to implement an AI tool, make sure to develop guidelines explaining how that tool should – and should not – be used.
  • Set up IT restrictions and processes to help prevent security breaches.
  • Educate your employees so they understand both the risks surrounding the use of AI and your company’s policies regarding the use of AI tools.

Read the full Risk Management article here. If you’d like to discuss cybersecurity issues further, please reach out to your Schauer Group representative.

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