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It’s vacation season! As you’re planning your next great adventure, here are some recommendations from Schauer Group’s team of experts to make sure you have the insurance coverage you need no matter what method of transportation you choose.

If you rent a:


If you rent a bicycle, your homeowner policy will cover physical damage or liability resulting from an accident.

Boat or other watercraft

When you rent a boat, you likely will be asked to sign a rental agreement releasing the boat owner from legal and financial responsibility if there’s an accident.

For boats that measure less than 26 feet in length and have engines of 75 mph horsepower or less, your rental might be covered under your homeowner policy.  You might also have the option of purchasing rental insurance through the company you use to rent the boat.

It’s best to call your Schauer Group representative prior to a rental and discuss your specific situation and options, as each insurance company approaches watercraft rental differently.

Electric scooter

If you rent an electric scooter, your liability coverage from your homeowner policy likely will extend to accidents that occur while you’re using the scooter, as long as the scooter does not go faster than 28mph.

While some electric scooter companies do offer personal accident and liability insurance for riders, riders usually still are required to cover deductibles and costs above or below policy limits. In some cases, the scooter company requires riders to use their own motor vehicle insurance as primary coverage. And, if a rider is found to be in violation of any of the scooter company’s safety policies, the coverage doesn’t apply. If you’re planning to rent a moped or other scooter-type vehicle that exceeds 28 mph, please call your Schauer Group representative ahead of time to discuss your coverage options.


You are not required to buy rental car insurance to rent a car, and your personal auto policy automatically will provide some coverage in the event of a rental car accident:

The liability coverage from your personal auto policy will transfer to any rental car you drive and will provide coverage if you are in an accident that injures another person or damages another person’s vehicle.

Similarly, if you have purchased physical damage coverage on your personal auto policy, it will transfer to your rental car and will provide coverage if your rental car is damaged or stolen.

There are a few situations, however, when you still might want to consider purchasing the additional rental car insurance:

If you already have had several claims and don’t want another claim on your record

If you are traveling abroad – generally, U.S. insurance won’t cover a rental vehicle in a foreign country

If you don’t want to pay a deductible if you damage the rental car

If your personal auto policy doesn’t include loss-of-use coverage, and you don’t want to have to pay a fee to cover lost costs to the rental company while the car you rented is being repaired

Golf cart

Most golf carts that are available for rent aren’t registered for use on public roads, and, as such, usually will be covered under your homeowner policy. If you are planning to rent a golf cart that is licensed for road use, call your insurance agent to discuss extending your non-owned coverage on your auto policy to the golf cart.

If you buy an e-bike

Most insurance carriers offer coverage for e-bikes that don’t exceed 28 mph, including liability in the event of an accident or physical damage coverage if your bike gets damaged or stolen. However, coverage options vary significantly from carrier to carrier, and coverage is not always automatically applied after a purchase. If you plan to buy an e-bike, call your Schauer Group representative to make sure you have the insurance coverage you need.

The personal insurance team at Schauer Group is always available to advise you about what insurance coverages you might need for your next big trip or purchase. Plan ahead, and feel free to reach out any time with questions.

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