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Tips for managing solar eclipse risks

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On Monday, April 8, many Ohioans will experience a total solar eclipse – when the moon’s path briefly crosses in front of the sun, leaving cities in darkness.

Across the country, this once-in-a-lifetime event is expected to bring millions of people into the 15 states where the path of totality will be visible. And while the eclipse is exciting, it also has public safety implications and could pose problems for area businesses.

We’ve rounded up some resources about what to expect and how to prepare:

  • Here’s a map of which Ohio counties will be in the path of full totality, and the anticipated time the total eclipse will occur in major cities across the country. (In Cleveland, it’s 3:13 p.m.)
  • Here are some tips about how to safely view the eclipse. (The main takeaway – don’t look at the sun without using ISO-certified glasses.)
  • Here are some things to consider for property owners who are planning to open their land to campers or viewing parties.
  • Here’s information about the tourism impact – in some areas of Ohio, the population might double. (In Summit County, residents are being asked to stay home to help alleviate expected traffic problems.)
  • Here is guidance for businesses about whether to close for the day and the challenges to prepare for.


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