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In the second quarter of 2024, Zywave conducted the first Commercial Property and Casualty Insurance Pricing (CPCIP) Survey to gather insights on the first quarter’s pricing trends within the property and casualty insurance market.
While premiums still are rising, the average increases across all lines of business generally stayed about the same or decreased slightly in Q1 2024 compared with Q4 2023
Commercial insurance pricing is still rising, but the hikes are less steep than they were a year ago.
Any organization that asks employees to drive as part of their work duties should implement a fleet safety program.
High premiums remain a top concern for commercial insurance clients nationwide as pricing continues to increase.
Premiums for commercial property and casualty insurance jumped an average of 8.9% in Q2 2023 – marking 23 consecutive quarters of increases.
Looking ahead, policyholders who conduct high-risk operations, have poor loss control practices or are located in natural disaster-prone areas will likely remain increasingly vulnerable to persistent rate hikes and coverage limitations.
Each year, hurricane season presents a significant risk to homeowners. Not limited to coastal areas, hurricanes are dangerous and can cause major property damage due to storm surge, wind damage and flooding. These eight tips can increase your readiness in the event of a hurricane.
Work-related automobile accidents expose businesses to liability risks, legal expenses, lost time, decreased productivity and increased insurance and workers’ compensation rates.
While any business’ relationships can be complex, adding a family dynamic to the mix creates a labyrinth of unique issues and risks to navigate.
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