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For high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals, the effects of a cybersecurity attack can be costly and wide-reaching.
In 2022, more than 500 people were killed on the job in a workplace violence incident. And every year, 2 million people are victims of nonfatal workplace violence, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.
On Monday, April 8, many Ohioans will experience a total solar eclipse. And while the eclipse is exciting, it also has public safety implications and could pose problems for area businesses.
Any organization that asks employees to drive as part of their work duties should implement a fleet safety program.
By 2027, it’s expected that 75 percent of all workers will be using “shadow IT” – or software they have downloaded without permission – making it difficult for companies to protect against data security risks.
Skyrocketing jury awards are one example of how social inflation is driving up insurance costs, as more people turn to litigation to resolve claims.
If your company is resuming international travel following the pandemic, it’s important to have a robust international insurance program in place to make sure your employees are protected wherever they go.
Insurance companies are becoming more cautious about coverage for businesses that collect and store biometric data, in light of recent biometric privacy legislation and judicial action.
Employers should be aware of the challenges and complexities that come with testing individuals for marijuana and become familiar with all applicable laws before implementing or enforcing any drug testing or other workplace policies regarding employee marijuana use.
In 2020, the National Highway Traffic Safety Association reported 3,142 deaths caused by distracted driving.
Businesses should review and limit their use of PFAS — or “forever chemicals” — as federal and state restrictions surrounding these substances tighten and insurance coverage for companies using these chemicals becomes more difficult to obtain.
Total cost of risk is the cost of both pure and speculative risk. It is synonymous with price — the price of your risk management program.
Employee theft occurs much more frequently than employers realize. By taking a few simple steps to ensure honest work practices, you can substantially reduce your risk.
Although employee well-being is typically considered an HR-related matter, it’s also an enterprise risk that directly correlates with a wide range of key business objectives.
The COVID-19 pandemic tipped off supply chain issues that may take years to reconcile. Now, employers are left wondering how they might be able to stay afloat amid unprecedented market uncertainty.
Nonprofit organizations provide essential social services that benefit the community and their members. However, even if your organization doesn’t sell a product or generate profit, there are still a number of potential risks that can affect your employees, assets, volunteers, directors and officers, and most importantly, your mission.
As a director or officer at your company, you face litigation risks based on the decisions you make following a data breach and on how you influence cyber security policies.
At Schauer Group, we believe that directors and officers liability (D&O) insurance is a fundamental component of any company’s risk management program.